Saturday, June 1, 2013

to Iran & US

If you are an artist you know there's a cloud floating in a paper you draw. 
There won't be any rain without clouds. Without rain, trees wouldn't grow and without trees, we can't have a paper. Cloud is necessary for the paper. So we can say cloud and paper are into each other. 

If you look deeper at a paper you can even find the sun in it. Without the sun light no plant grows. Nothing grows without the sun light. So there are rays of light in a paper too. The sun and the paper are into each other.

If we continue this observation, we can see the woodmen who cut the woods and also the rice they ate! So there are small seeds of rice in this paper.

Dirt and clean, ugly and beauty, rich society and poor society are into each other.
Let's look closer again and we find ourselves in this paper. Everything is here in this paper.

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